Quarter Life Excursion

Bucket List

Welcome to our Quarter Life Excursion Bucket List.  Feel free to check out the goals we want to achieve while traveling!
  1. Purchase one way tickets
  2. Get SCUBA certification
  3. Learn a foreign language
  4. Learn/improve haggling skills
  5. Visit an elephant sanctuary
  6. Sail in a different country
  7. Set foot on an active volcano
  8. Eat pad thai in Thailand (That we made)
  9. See a Mui Thai fight (Thailand)
  10. Catch public transportation
  11. Kayak to a beach destination
  12. Camp on a random beach
  13. Day-long nature trek in every country we visit
  14. Speak with locals in every country we visit
  15. Eat an insect
  16. Explore the temples of Angkor (Cambodia)
  17. Boulder in a new country
  18. See the sun rise over Bagan (Myanmar)
  19. Take a boat up Nam Ou (Laos)
  20. Ride a motorbike
  21. Take a tuk tuk (Thailand)
  22. Cross the street in Bangkok without dying.