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Travel Budgeting 103 — 5 Tips to Travel for Less Than $100 a Month

I’ve learned a lot of things, and I think I’ve collected 5 tips to travel for less than $100 a month.

Traveling for less than one hundred dollars per month is an absurd budget. If you think about it from a western point of view, that’s not even enough money to pay rent for a week, so how is someone suppose to live on that for a month abroad? I don’t know, it’s almost incomprehensible, but I met a few people doing just that. They weren’t dirty, grimy, or shifty westerners though. They were usually travelers from countries with a lower income level than in the West. They of course want to travel too, so they had to get creative with their budget and work as they go.

Those that have tried to meet this budget tell me that they never want to travel any other way. When you must earn money and cut corners to get by, you get to know the locals and the culture at a more intimate level and experience things in a whole new way. Learning to travel for less than rent may be the new way of traveling.

5 tips to Travel for Less Than 100 a month

If you’re not looking to be this budget crazy, read over my post about general budgeting and saving (coming soon…)


5 Tips to Travel for Less than $100 a month budget:


  • Hitch hike. Use caution and know your area, but bus and air travel are one of the biggest expenses while traveling. If you can avoid it, don’t pay it. Hitch hiking is also a great way to meet locals and sometimes earn a free meal.

5 tips to Travel for Less Than 100 a month

  • Couchsurfing. A great website that allows you to sleep at local houses in exchange for a little work or nothing at all. It’s a great way to meet locals and learn about the city more deeply.

5 tips to Travel for Less Than 100 a month

  • Work Exchange and Volunteering. There are a lot of dumb pay-to-volunteer opportunities out there. Avoid these. Sites like HelpX.net and WorkAway.info are great ways to find real volunteer and work opportunities that allow you to exchange your time for a room and board or maybe a paycheck. You’ll be teaching English, rebuilding communities, working in hospitality, doing labor, etc, and you’ll be getting to know the area, the people, and the volunteers for longer periods of time and making longer lasting connections. This is a must on a tight budget, covering hostel costs and food is covering 90% of a tight budget.

5 tips to Travel for Less Than 100 a month

  • Negotiate and Haggle. It’s so obvious, but haggle for everything. The price is almost always negotiable, and you’ll be surprised how much you can save by simply asking. Pennies turn into dollars and dollars turn into serious savings.

5 tips to Travel for Less Than 100 a month

  • Don’t Drink. Alcohol is the biggest waste of money on a tight budget. A local meal in Thailand costs less than a dollar, but the national beer costs $2. Go out at night and drink some tea instead, and you’ll rally to the break of dawn.

5 tips to Travel for Less Than 100 a month

Finding an actual job is worth noting but may be too obvious. There are jobs all over southeast Asia for travelers and expats, especially in cities. Many travelers find work teaching English or working at a hostel, but other professional jobs exist as well if you’re not picky about location. With the small earnings you make, you’ll be able to easily travel on weekend and vacations without dipping into the original budget. Australia also offers one year working visas to many countries, and this is a very popular way to travel and work simultaneously.


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