Quarter Life Excursion

Penang – Food, Food, Food!

Penang is known as the food capital of Malaysia. Grant and I, being food motivated people through and through, were really excited to eat our faces off.  Our hostel was located within Little India in the city of Penang.  As a result, masala tea, roti, and curry smells wafted down the streets constantly.  There was more than once we were planning on venturing out for some Chinese or Malaysian food, and ended up going for Indian because it smelled way too good to pass up.

Our goal was to try everything on the brochure we were handed day one. (This is the compressed version.)

20160503_091541There were more than 20 dishes listed out that Penang was known for.  We almost made it through them all, and most were delicious!

20160501_08393820160430_13384020160425_18464420160430_133415In addition to all of the amazing food and drinks we consumed, we also had the opportunity to wonder around the city and check out all of the street art that is painted.








20160426_091742One day we were there, we made it out to the other side of the island where the national park is located.  We took a long (hot) hike to a lighthouse that gave us an amazing view of the coastline. We were also able to meet up with one of our friends from our island volunteering session! It was extremely hot during the hike, but the view at the end was worth the walk.

20160429_16211320160429_142919Most days were spent waking up early (usually between 6-7), walking around  to grab some breakfast and check out the street art, hiding in the A/C during the afternoons, then heading back out for dinner and more wandering.  It was too hot to be out in the heat of the day.

20160426_093645 20160426_075531A couple of times throughout our stay, we ended up busing over to the mall to watch new releases. We couldn’t pass up $2.50 movies in a nice theater with winter cool A/C!

All in all, Penang was a great city that we enjoyed wandering throughout, slamming food, basking in A/C, and people watching.


Danielle and Grant